[Newbies] Can I implement it with squeak?

Yahoo zstefania at yahoo.gr
Sun Feb 8 09:04:49 UTC 2009

I have just started exploring the squeak because I want to implement a 
specific application (see below)
but I am not 100% sure if I can do it with squeak although it seems very 
potential! Let me explain the project I have in my mind.

I want to design an educational game where in the virtual learning 
an animated character (tutor) will teach and interact with the learner 
(I will design an educational scenario with specific leanring goals).
I want my tutor (animated persona)  be expressive and vivid (need 3d 
graphic routines) and the most important is that I want my tutor to be 
able to interact with the learner.
For example if the tutor diagnoses low engagement it will have a proper 

My question is if this implementation is possible with squeakt. I don't 
a need simply an animation software to built a character
 but I want my animated persona to interact with the learner 
(character-human interaction) and all this stuff should be work real 
So my questions can be summurized as: Can I build an animated character 
that will be able to interact with the user in real time?

Any ideas?

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