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> Betreff: [Newbies] Constructing the browser morph
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> When you start a browser in Morphic with 'Browser open' 
> the method 'Browser>>openEditString: aString' gets executed
> and helps construct the morph that appears in the world.
> no problem so far.
> But also in the class there is the method:
>  'Browser>>buildWith: builder'
> This method first describes the browser's widgets, putting 
> the descriptions into a spec of some kind. then it executes the spec 
> with a builder provided by a sender, presumably to construct 
> the specified morph. But this method isn't executed 
> when the brower starts. And I can't locate a real sender for it.
> Can anyone explain when and why this method gets executed?
> thanks.
> Michael
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How did you look at the execution stack? with halt if so where to put it in in which method?

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