[Newbies] How does one import code from VW? and 3d...

Cameron Sanders csanders.personal at functional-analyst.com
Thu Jan 8 21:34:53 UTC 2009

Thanks for the speedy reply Lukas.
> http://smallwiki.unibe.ch/howtos/portingfromvisualworkstosqueak/

Unfortunately I have been playing with it for quite a while, and the process
is proving to be epic -- I wish now I had simply started cutting-and-pasting
several hours ago. 

I have used vi to edit the output file (from VW, after downloading FileOut30
and setting Squeak as the output type in settings) to replace package
references ("#{xxx.yyy.someclass}") with simply the someclass reference and
other similar notations, I have defined a CamLoader class to intercept the
nceVariableNames:imports:category: message and map it to the basic <class>
: messages... but it seems like every time I knock off a few gotchas, more
turn up. (I manually created my package and category names to avoid dealing
with those.) But I just keep finding myself in the debugger...

There must be an easier way. Or perhaps I simply need to know to choose an
older version of FileOut30? 

The output file is about 5300 lines long (for the package)... so I hate to
cut-n-paste method after method, but at the rate I am progressing, that
might be faster.

Any other clues for me?

Thanks in advance,

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