[Newbies] squeak locks up on windows / help me debug it...

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sat Jan 10 11:19:36 UTC 2009

Hello Cameron,

CS> I see that another Windows user has reported a lock-up on this forum just
CS> last month. Perhaps I will back up and see if 3.9 is a better starting
CS> point. 3.8? 

Squeak should be a stable development System for many people. For
historical reasons I use 3.8 and I'm using it for hours without
saving. I even use it in trains on my laptop without the accumulator
inserted, and if the power fails I just recover my last steps from the
changes file.

As there are so many developers on Squeak dev, they must have similar
experience with the current versions. I guess the Pharo people do
development in Pharo, so they must have a stable Pharo development
environment too.

All this aside, the youngest entry in the changes file might show your
last action (if it wasn't a click) so this might give us a clue.

At a customer of mine we had to exclude Squeak from the virus
scanning, we didn't experience crashes but it was dreadfully slow.
IIRC the reason was that the scanner slowed the access to the changes

Have you ever tried on another computer? IMHO this is not Squeak but
Squeak + something else in your System.



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