[Newbies] squeak locks up on windows / now with Croquet, similar but different problem...

Cameron Sanders csanders.personal at functional-analyst.com
Sun Jan 11 17:34:13 UTC 2009

Thanks, and again [see my other postings with same subject line] I have
tried other 3.10 images, and those too have given me some lock-ups
out-of-the-blue (just browsing, etc.). 

OK, so right now, I am a running copy of Croquet (out-of-the-box ... I have
done NOTHING to it) that was working fine for the last 20 minutes and in
previous runs, the virtual world was operating fine too on a Vista box.
Suddenly, without compiling code, executing code, nor downloading kits,
etc.,  the world menus stopped popping up. This is a little different from
some of the other lock-ups, because in those cases living objects (e.g.
browsers, shout) were NOT responding to my input.

However, in this instance, I happened to have pinned a number of the menus
to the background, and they *still work*!! I can bring up debuggers and
browsers and they function as expected.

-- and a few minutes later...

So I started to browse the WorldWindow or whatever it is called (to get
oriented with the code that sets up the world menu), and I invoked test2,
which created basically a new project. I went to move it, and accidently
entered it... so now I can't seem to exit that project because the
world/morph window is not popping up. 

There must be a keyboard command to move between projects, right?

Any tips for the easiest way to re-attach the world menus, should I ever be
in a position to shout?


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