[Newbies] squeak locks up on windows / now with Croquet, similar but different problem...

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sun Jan 11 22:32:24 UTC 2009

Hello Cameron,

this is getting real crazy now.

CS> So I started to browse the WorldWindow or whatever it is called (to get
CS> oriented with the code that sets up the world menu), and I invoked test2,
CS> which created basically a new project. I went to move it, and accidently
CS> entered it... so now I can't seem to exit that project because the
CS> world/morph window is not popping up. 

CS> There must be a keyboard command to move between projects, right?
In case the right mouse key still works, it has a "previous project"
item to go back.

In case it doesn't, alt K should open a workspace there you type:
World putUpWorldMenuFromEscapeKey
and doIt.

There may be other ways but this is what I found on browsing
PasteUpMorph which is the class of what World refers to.

Or doIt
(Project namedWithDepth: 'New Changes') enter.

Maybe you need to set your display depth to Window's display depth.
World menu, appearence, set display depth.

This only affects the speed of BitBLT.

And you should look at your virus scanner.

CS> Any tips for the easiest way to re-attach the world menus, should I ever be
CS> in a position to shout?

My Denglisch (german english) can't parse that :-))



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