[Newbies] Morph import corrupted

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sun Jan 18 17:05:49 UTC 2009

Hello Mark,

welcome here!

I never used scripting, so maybe you'll repeat what I don't reply to
in a new thread. Others might think I replied to everything.

MC> I am using Squeak 3.9 update #7067 for both the imported and exported morph.

Exporting projects has an option to include code, in my Image
exporting a Morph doesn't ask me to export code, so I guess it

MC> Should I expect morphs to work across images? What about if I
MC> upgrade squeak - what's the chance that I'll still be able to load
MC> my morphs?

Projects should work across images of the *same* version of Squeak but
you can be quite sure they won't work across different versions of
Squeak. Dunno about Morphs.

MC> Would you advocate actually creating GUIs programmatically?
MC> It seems a safer bet, although rather more tedious.

Yes, because you can version them with Monticello. Personally I start
drawing UI's with simple Morphs but without any function and step by
step replace them with real UI Morphs.

If you care about more standard UI's and UI behaviour you should
definitely take a look at Polymorph.



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