[Newbies] Re: [DOCS][Q] How to certify authorship for contributions to the Squeak Swiki? [Was: Re: User account for squeak wiki.squeak.org]

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Thu Jul 23 10:21:34 UTC 2009

I am an interested bystander.  Might I suggest a few avenues to explore?

(1) Pier
Pier might support a history feature.  Read the second bullet in
Lukas's announcement:

(2) Literate programming
The concept of literate programming overlaps with the idea of
documenting Squeak with a wiki.

(a) The tools to include hypertext in Squeak source code seem to be
underused.  (This under-use was discussed at squeak-dev many times, so
perhaps this is not fixable.)   Perhaps an interesting longer term
project for a student would be to evaluate and implement a way to
expose the source code hypertext on the web.  Since the documentation
is in Squeak, changesets and source control systems always record your
initials or name.

(I understand that the concept has been proven by John McIntosh and
friends: his company already ships Squeak sourcecode in the form of a
wiki for iPhones and iPods:
I guess they made a captive presentation of the Seaside code browser:

(b) There are currently four demos of executable Smalltalk source code
embedded in documentation in this MediaWiki site:

(3) MediaWiki
David Mitchell wrote:
> Are there free providers of MediaWiki to use in the interim?
If you can't come to an arrangement with literateprograms.org, and you
don't mind advert sharecropping, you could try

Hope that helps, David

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