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Benjamin L. Russell DekuDekuplex at Yahoo.com
Fri Jul 24 12:51:10 UTC 2009

On Wed, 22 Jul 2009 08:02:31 -0500, David Mitchell
<david.mitchell at gmail.com> wrote:

>I would recommend starting a new Squeak MediaWiki wiki as a test. Are
>there free providers of MediaWiki to use in the interim?

According to the article [1] "Get Google Apps for Free without Buying
a Web Domain," by Amit Agarwal, in _Digital Inspiration_ (see
Dreamhost Apps (see http://dreamhostapps.com/) has started offering
free hosting for various Web-based services, including MediaWiki:

>Dreamhost Apps offers free hosting for WordPress.org, MediaWiki, Drupal 
>and other LAMP software.

The following services are currently available:

* MediaWiki
* WordPress
* Drupal
* ZenPhoto
* phpBB
* Google Calendar
* Google Docs
* Google Sites
* iGoogle

According to their registration page (see
https://panel.dreamhostapps.com/signup/?), they currently offer the
following three options:

1) free domain name registration using the domain name format

2) free domain hosting using an existing domain name

3) fee-based domain name registration for $9.95/year

I would recommend registering a domain name using a free provider,
then registering that domain name through them to use their services
for free.

I've run out of time for today, but I could check for free domain name
registering separately next week if nobody else knows of a reputable
and reliable free domain name registration service.

-- Benjamin L. Russell

[1] Agarwal, Amit. "Get Google Apps for Free without Buying a Web
Domain." _Digital Inspiration._ 29 Jan. 2009. 24 July 2009.
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