[Newbies] 'evaluating SokobanMorph random openInWorld in a workspace'

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Wed Jul 29 11:00:51 UTC 2009


v> in Squeak by example:
v> Fig 1.14:'Using SqueakMap to install the Sokoban game'. It says, after
v> installing this package, start up Sokoban by 'evaluating SokobanMorph random
v> openInWorld in a workspace'. 
v> I have no idea 'how' to do this.
v> Anyone?

Klicking on the Background of the Squeak window brings up the "world
menu". There you find "open" then "workspace".

There you type:
SokobanMorph random openInWorld

Then (on Windows) press Alt + d or right click (again Win) in the
highlighted text  and select "Do it" in the menu that pops up.

BTW this works in any place where you can edit text, Browser Windows,
Inspector, or you could even drag a text from the Object catalog
(World Menu, Objects) edit it and then do it as above :=))



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