[Newbies] First easy tutorial (was [ANN] New 3.10 compatible reduced .image)

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> Edgar J. De Cleene said:
> > So , in http://www.morphle.com/~edgar/UsingSqueakSource.mov you
> have the
> > first showing how use SqueakLightIi, SqueakSource and
> have a working code +
> > music + morph + etc thing.
> Thanks Edgar - that is intriguing.  I didn't realize
> monticello could
> save music/morphs etc  - I had thought it was only for
> source code.
> I look forward to the tutorial that explains how to save
> these things.
> _______________________________________________
The complete story is plain Monticello can't.
Long time ago, before Ralph ask me to help building 3.10, I have some in development I call ProcustesEnd.
In fact, the first version of Rompecabezas into SqueakSource was saved in that.
Recently i retake ProcustesEnd.
Is a way to save .mcz as they was .sar and refactoring the .image and normal Ralph Monticello we have into 3.10 for dealing with this without people deep troubles.
So , when I was in home do more .mov and saved into Morphle for all see the 1 2 3 of how doing same thing.

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