[Newbies] Where to ask questions - Squeak Beginners and Squeak Dev?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Jun 17 17:16:25 UTC 2009

On 17.06.2009, at 17:00, Frank Church wrote:

> What sort of questions are appropriate to each group (really means
> which questions should you not ask on Squeak Developers)?

You should not ask annoyingly simple questions on squeak-dev. Here on  
the beginner's list you are invited to ask about anything related to  
Squeak, however simple it may seem.

> As I understand it Squeak is a variant of Smalltalk, so is Squeak
> beginners the proper place to ask about Smalltalk Proper and the IDE,
> with Squeak developers the place to ask questions about libraries and
> the implementation?

No, that's not the separation. The primary purpose of squeak-dev is to  
advance Squeak itself, rather than asking questions how to develop  
using Squeak.

> The developers list has a lot more activity and it makes me wonder if
> most questions are better asked there even if a newbie. I would assume
> newbie means people new to programming rather than Smalltalk or its
> environments and libraries in general.

No, it's for people not familiar with Squeak yet, which includes  
absolute beginners as well as "switchers" from other environments.  
It's a good idea to read both lists but only ask on the beginner's  
list for at least a couple of months. Then you will get a feel for  
what topic to bring up on which list.

- Bert -

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