[Newbies] Squeak - Beginning Morphic

Robert r.a.lamb at att.net
Mon Jun 29 16:01:56 UTC 2009

Hello. I am trying to learn Morphic. I wish to create some sort of canvas, drop 
it into a movable, sizable, scrollable window, programmatically add say, a 
CircleMorph to it, and allow the user to grab and move the circle with the 

I am having trouble figuring out the proper sort of canvas class that would be 
best for adding/deleting/moving simple morphs around. Also, I am unsure how to 
get that canvas into a usable application sort of window. Finally, how would I 
allow the user to interact with the morphs on the canvas?

I have searched through wiki.squeak.org a bit, but I really can't figure out 
the proper class for the canvas and how to manipulate it.


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