[Newbies] Laser-Game sect1 pg 26 problem

Marco Segreto msegreto at sfsu.edu
Thu Mar 5 01:12:57 UTC 2009


I'm new to squeak and was using the Laser-Game tutorial: 
http://squeak.preeminent.org/tut2007/html/ and was on page 26 when I got 
stuck: http://squeak.preeminent.org/tut2007/html/026.html.

I ran UnitTests right before completing this page and everything was 
working fine so something with this page is making it now work. I put 
MirrorCell, BlankCell and TargetCell as a subclass as Cell. Cell is a 
subclass of Object. I created new methods leanLeft and leanRight under 
mirror cell under a testing protocol. Under BlankCell I modified the 
initializeExitSides method so it dislays the same as on the page and 
added self leanLeft to the initialize method. I then moved all the other 
methods out of BlankCell and put them in Cell.

These are the directions the page gives. When I run Unit Test I get 4 
failures for 4 tests. It says that BlankCell(Object) doesnotundertand 
#leanLeft. leanLeft was not set as an instance variable on any class and 
accessors were not created for it. The instructions weren't very clear 
on where to put everything. I wasn't sure where to put the 
initializeExitSides method that was under BlankCell (if it was supposed 
to be moved or not). I also wasn't sure which class initialize method I 
was supposed to add "self leanLeft" to as it says to do at the bottom of 
page 26.

This is my first post to the mailing list so please let me know if 
theres anything more I should post or do to receive help.

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