[Newbies] Squeak/Smalltalk - Java

Luis luis at anachreon.co.uk
Thu Mar 5 12:17:06 UTC 2009


I wonder if someone would clarify something for me (I'm hoping  
someone on the list may be involved/know someone on these projects):

I've noted a trend with two big Squeak apps, Alice and Sophie, going  
to Java for their next major release: Why is this so?

I'm all for using the right tool for the job, but why such a (huge?)  
step away from Smalltalk?

I can't see what Java will bring to Sophie that could not be done  
with Squeak and Seaside, according to the notes for version 2 on the  
Sophie site.

Is the funding tied to Java/Sun?

I'm glad Croquet is still in the picture, especially with the  
development of Cog (new VM).

Sorry if this isn't the best place for this, but I am a (concerned!)  



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