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Pedro Pereira virtualdark at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 11 19:24:45 UTC 2009

I again


I am not a student :-) I wish I were :-)  I own a store... if you wish you can see me in my webpage. :-)

This is just my first try with it... just trying to figure it out for something else.
I want to move a small picture called bolo (cake) to the mouth... than it would stop there for 1 minute, meanwhile it would show some text, something like "food is shew and than continues is way" than I would have that small picture, smaller and it would go through the throat it would stop mid way and it would have some other text and than it would stop for one more minute and so on.

I just need help on those two steps than I would try to do the rest. If you could help I would apreciate a lot.


Thank you for your fast reply.
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