[Newbies] Re: Help me on Squeak

Steinar Bang sb at dod.no
Thu Mar 12 09:26:45 UTC 2009

>>>>> Pedro Pereira <virtualdark at hotmail.com>:

> It must be me... I started in squeak today, and have been the last 5
> hours (maybe a little more) trying to understand it. I am just tired
> and going nowere :-(

> Who can help me, please,  in a very small and simple project in squeak?

Not squeak directly, but squeak eToys.  I found this tutorial very

The parts I struggled with, were:
 1. How to create different objects, such as the paddle, the ball, and
    the boundary
 2. how to create scripts
 3. when I figured out how to create scripts, how to add assignment
    tiles to them

The answer for how to create the ball, paddle and boundary, are:
 - Click on the "Supplies" button on the top toolbar
 - Drag and drop an ellipse (for the ball), or a rectangle (for the
   paddle and the boundary), and drop them on the playground
 - Right click the dropped object to display handles on the object
 - Left click the resize handle (yellow handle in the lower right) and
   give the objects the correct shape

The answer to "how to create scripts", is:
 - Right click the object you want to create a script on (ball, paddle
   or boundary), this will display a lot of different handles
 - Click on the eye handle (middle left), this will open the viewer on
   the object
 - Give the object the name they should have in the viewer (ie. "ball"
   or "paddle" or "boundary")
 - Left click on the green bar below "Search" and select the Scripts
 - Drag and drop "empty script" on the background

It's now possible to give the script content by dragging and dropping
things from the categories in the viewer, and dropping them on the
bottom of the script.

Note that the script is a Smalltalk method, and you can view the
Smalltalk source.

The answer for "how to add assignment" tiles (like e.g. setting the
ball's heading), is that one should click on the assignment arrow before
dragging and dropping on the script (I got immediate help for this, when
I asked on this list).

- Steinar

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