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Josef Vukovic josefvukovic at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 12 14:22:28 UTC 2009

2009/3/12 Pedro Pereira <virtualdark at hotmail.com>

>  Uau...
> Thank you :-)
> That tuturial it's very good for what  want. Has soon has I leave the store
> I'll try it :-)
> Do you know other good pages to learn the basics. I know there are some
> like squeak by example... but I think there's a little something missing
> there! I just don't understand some stuff!
> I'll have to install the English version so it will be easy for me :-)
> Thank you
> Pedro Pereira
> Hello,

I am actually working with:

BostInc, Laser game tutorial, and the mentioned SBE there are lots of
smalltalk books available for download ( among them is the adele goldberg
blue book which is one of the inventor of smalltalk)
And there is a squeak chat room on freenode for chating about squeak. :-)

What do you sell in the shop? Hopefully electronics articles like
osciloskopes, dmm's, small robots etc ... as I am hardware enthusiast :-)

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