[Newbies] Re: Installing Rio on Win32

nicolas cellier ncellier at ifrance.com
Sun May 10 19:02:54 UTC 2009

Keith Hodges <keith_hodges <at> yahoo.co.uk> writes:

> Ok To find things in Universes, tip number 1. Dont bother with
> Universes! I got so fed up with it I re-wrote the whole thing as
> Sake/Packages. To install Sake/Packages:
> Installer upgrade install: 'Packages'.

Hi Keith,
While it is cool to not bother with Universe, Installer is sometimes not that
obvious neither: there is no (Installer upgrade) in a 3.10.2 image. Perhaps you
should just remind us about the magical formula to upgrade Installer so that it
understands upgrade.

All the best


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