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> Dear Squeak fondation,
> I am actually working on the SlideMorph project 
What is the SlideMorph project?

Who else is doing it?

> and my
> purpose is to custom the application in order to have the
> possibility to hide a slide.

I have been working on a similar type project. My goal was to implement more fully the Gif98A spec. 

What I found was that I needed a morph to emulate the gifs virtual screen and to control the display of the individual images.
What I wound up with was a variant of image morph that had a 
#step method which  waited for a timer to time out then hid a submorph and showed the next. The hiding and showing I encapsulated in a #singleStep method so that I could also choose to manually (via menu command) go from one morph to the other.

So for your purposes you would need each slide to be a morph.
Embed all the morphs into the virtual screen morph which would be either transparent or a background color. The create the singlestep and step methods.

All morphs respond to #hide and #show.
All objects respond to #stepTime. I used the steptime of each submorph to determine how long between singleSteps.


Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace


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