[Newbies] Building a remote count down clock

Andy Burnett andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com
Thu Nov 5 23:11:08 UTC 2009

I want to build a count down clock that will be used for presenters at an
upcoming conference.  The important point is that the clock needs to be
started and stopped by the 'admin' guy, but displayed on one or more screens
for the speaker.

My initial thought was to do it in seaside. However, I then wondered whether
it would be better to build it all in Squeak.  The benefit of the Squeak
approach (I am guessing) is that I could somehow broadcast to the listening
images that I wanted them to start/stop, rather than have them polling every
second. Obviously, the app is tiny, so in practical terms it doesn't matter
either way, but I am now curious about how I might communicate the
start/stop messages over the network to the images.  Is this relatively easy
in Squeak?

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