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 Hi Andy,

if I can help for the presentation part (not for the networking part), let me know. I've built an analog clock with some additional features (see One feature is to show a specific duration (with start and stop time) as a morph embedded in the clock's dial. When the event has started I shrink its morph each minute. When stop time is reached the morph disappears. Right now this behavior is triggered by dropping an iCal-information on the clock.

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> Hello
> I want to build a count down clock that will be used for presenters at an
> upcoming conference.  The important point is that the clock needs to be
> started and stopped by the 'admin' guy, but displayed on one or more
> screens
> for the speaker.
> My initial thought was to do it in seaside. However, I then wondered
> whether
> it would be better to build it all in Squeak.  The benefit of the Squeak
> approach (I am guessing) is that I could somehow broadcast to the listening
> images that I wanted them to start/stop, rather than have them polling
> every
> second. Obviously, the app is tiny, so in practical terms it doesn't matter
> either way, but I am now curious about how I might communicate the
> start/stop messages over the network to the images.  Is this relatively
> easy
> in Squeak?
> cheers
> Andy
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