[Newbies] Starting Seaside Online

Overcomer Man overcomer.man at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 07:08:20 UTC 2009

I downloaded the one-click experience of Seaside which when running tells
The Seaside application server is already running on port 8080. Point your
browser to http://localhost:8080/seaside to give it a try.  So far so good.

Now how do I get it to work under WAMP (Windows Apache etc.)  which easily
runs my html websites as virtual hosts?  I have tried many bits of advice
which have failed so far on my system, including an exact copy of what works
for another user who may be using Apache directly without WAMP or have other
setup differences.

The WAMP server expects something under a website folder pointed to in the
Vhost files but the only thing I could think of is an html redirect which
works on localhost but fails on internet.  I assume once I can get a sample
Seaside application like sushiNet to appear online, I'll be able to start
developing my own web pages using Seaside.

Thank you.
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