[Newbies] Squeak installation

michael rice nowgate at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 9 21:51:28 UTC 2009


I'm on a Linux(Fedora)/PC platform.

I downloaded the following to a folder I created named Squeak:

Squeak-3.10-1  (a folder containing i686-pc-linux-gnu, config.guess, and INSTALL)

Not sure how to proceed from here. Docs in INSTALL file say

"Fetch the archive/s that you need and then unpack it/them in the
    same directory.  This will create a subdirectory called Squeak-X.Y
    containing a hierarchy that mirrors the installed locations of the
    various files."

but no such file Squeak-X.Y was created, unless it's the directory listed above. 

What must I to do to finish the install?


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