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Андрей fromarmywithlove at
Sun Nov 15 17:47:27 UTC 2009

Hi, Michael.
I am very glad to receive your answer!
Don't worry about transliteration. It's OK. 
I wish to thank you for NXTalk. It's refresh my interest for NXT platform and Smalltalk. 
Today I downloaded last version NXTalk package(NXTalk-mha.137.mcz). After that I started NXTRadarTest and it's works!!! Hurrah! But now Bumper application break down. It's say something like 'unknown primitive'. I think it's because incompatibe version of VM(I have version 0.7). I try to download new version from NXTalk project webpage. But its 0.7 too.
Anyway you did a very good work with NXTalk. And I hope to see version 1.0 of it.
By the way, do you now about WooWee RS-Media robot( Its a humanod robot toy with embeded Linux. I think it will be very intersting to program this thing with Smalltalk.
Best regards, Andrey.

P.S. I am sorry for my english. I now it's not very good. Sorry.
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> Hi Andrey,
> (sorry, I don't have cyrillic characters on my keyboard; I hope the
> transliteration of your name is correct)
> 2009/11/14 Андрей <fromarmywithlove at>:
> > When I try to read distance from NXTRadar sensor its everytime returns 0. Other sensors works fine. I cant find any documentation about NXTalk except webpage of the project. But where is no information about using of NXTRadar on that page. So I decided to use it as a regular sensor. I did something like this:
> > radar := NXTRadar enable: 4.
> > self display show: (radar distance).
> > radar disable.
> > Am I right? Or NXTRadar differs from other sensors and needs special processing?
> NXTRadar does require some special handling inside the VM, as its data
> are delivered via the I2C bus, which has certain timing constraints
> .... but that should not be your concern. :-)
> It might be that you have a version of the VM and image that are not
> up to date, and that would be my fault. I will check this tomorrow and
> send you the latest version immediately (plus, have the web page
> updated).
> In the meantime, to make sure things are OK, could you please try the
> NXTRadarTest application (it is in the NXTalk-ST-HardwareTests
> category)? It expects the radar to be connected to port 3 and
> continuously displays the measured distance. Move your hand in front
> of the radar to check.
> Looking at your code, it *might* be a problem that the radar is
> disabled immediately after the distance is measured. This *might*
> interfere with the aforementioned timing constraints, but I cannot say
> that for sure.
> Best,
> Michael

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