[Newbies] Opening URL in default browser.

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Nov 20 11:45:36 UTC 2009

On 20.11.2009, at 09:09, Herbert König wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> MV> Is it possible to have squeak run the default web browser and have it
> MV> go to a url?
> Yes.
> You need the FFI package. Assuming you are in Windows
> Win32Shell>>shellExplore: aPathString gives you an example to open the
> Windows explorer on a path. This can be tailored to open your
> favourite web browser.
> There is an alternative in the OSProcess and CommandShell packages
> which I never used myself.
> Cheers,
> Herbert   

The ScratchPlugin has an openUrl primitive, too. It's going to be included in the VM soonish, for now you could get it from Scratch or Etoys:


- Bert -

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