[Newbies] can't find sources

LordGeoffrey lordgeoffrey at optusnet.com.au
Wed Nov 25 19:28:26 UTC 2009

Thanks. I re-downloaded the sources file and now uncompress works.
Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
>>>>>> "LordGeoffrey" == LordGeoffrey  <lordgeoffrey at optusnet.com.au> writes:
> LordGeoffrey> I tried gunzipping the sources but apparently its not a zip file.
> LordGeoffrey> I am unix (Ubuntu). Any suggestions?
> It's a gzip file, not a zip file, and yes, you need to uncompress it.
> Ideally, your .image and .changes file are named the same, and in
> same directory (folder), and your VM and .sources file are in
> the same directory as each other, which may or may not be the same
> as the .image and .changes file.

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