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Mon Sep 21 03:17:45 UTC 2009

Hi everyone

I am new to Smalltalk. I am beginning a personal project a
database application, I have looking for a language and environment I
can be productive in long term and have full power in creating the
database and access to query database, stored procedures from that
language. I have been studying python/sqlachmeny, ruby/datamapper etc
and various other combinations but haven't felt comfortable.

Smalltalk environment looks promising, I want a tool to acheive my database  
project and have a tool to use for other
projects rather than having to consistently learn new tools. However I am  
for some clarity on database support with Squeak and Smalltalk. I am  
assuming that squeak connects via ODBC, after reading the
article here http://onsmalltalk.com/squeak-smalltalk-and-databases

Is there a database that Squeak supports well. I am looking to use a
low cost options since I am an individual. Had thought of using
Postgresql or Oracle or MySQL.

Is Squeak/Smalltalk a good choice for database development projects? not  
web development like seaside.


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