[Newbies] Annotated workspace for tutorials...

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 9 23:36:56 UTC 2010

Ha. Poke grappling beats programming any day. Try this

From the Object flap>Test get a bordered text morph
Size it as you wish.

From the Object flap>Basics get the paint box morph.

Grab and move the paint box so it is out of the way of both the boardered text.

Using halo repostion the drawing area so the top left of the two morphs align. 
Resize the drawing area but leave a strip of the text box on the right.
The heights should be about equal.

Embed the drawing area into the bordered Text box.

To draw drag cursor over the drawing area.
To type move the cursor to the strip on the right (it changes from paintbrust to arrow). Tap the strip to give the text the focus. Type.

To draw go back to painting on the drawing area.


Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

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> Jerome Peace wrote:
> > Hi Lawson,
> > 
> > What you are trying to do is really cool.
> > 
> > You are up against a squeak "you can't get there from
> here" problem.
> > 
> > Yet.
> > 
> > There needs to be some way to tie the extent of the
> workspace to the extent of the drawing area. Simply
> embedding doesn't do it. 
> > It seems it would also be good to have a simple way to
> switch levels. My first thought is tabs.
> > [...]
> > What you want is a model that has two buttons to serve
> as tabs. To bring to the front the various layers. Then you
> want two overlapping components for the text and the drawing
> layer.   
> I thinking I have to embed both layers in somethign else,
> but not familiar enough with the hierarchy to know what is
> appropriate.
> > I wonder if Bert knows of something like that.
> > 
> > ====
> > Second curiosity:
> > 
> > What are using to make the youtube tutorials with
> sound. Looks very good and the sound commentary makes it
> worth watching.
> > 
> >   
> For now, I'm just using the SnapZ pro utility from
> Ambrosia. The sound is part of the utility. I'm thinking
> I'll try my hand at editing the "raw footage" with iMovie.
> The encoding done by SnapZ is horribly slow.
> I see a great deal of potential for Squeak/Cobalt I think
> that not even 1% of Squeak's potential has been tapped.
> Lawson


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