[Newbies] Inserting graphics made with Squeak into a web page?

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Subject: [Newbies] Inserting graphics made with Squeak into a web page?
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Okay. Fasten your seatbelts. There are ways and ways.

First we are talking static pictures here. Animations are an advanced topic.

Saving a picture of your morph:
First and easiest you can save a snapshot of any morph.
Do the halo click. 
>From the red menu>export
then select gif jpg png or bmp.

Usually I choose png.

Getting a morph you want to save:
>From the world menu>new morph>grab rectangle from screen..

Will give you a cursors for choosing the top left then bottom  right corners. The image in that rectangle becomes the basis for a sketchMorph. Then go to "First"ly.

That should be pretty much what you need.

Yet theres more. 
You can get an image snapshot of any morph by 
Doing the halo click. 
Hold the shift down while pressing the viewer(light blue center left) handle. This image can be resized, combined with other morphs, resnapshoted until you have something you want. Then go to "First"ly.
The useful thing about this is the ability to get an image from just the morph you selected after you have designed it just the way you wanted.

So there you have probably a little more than you really wanted to know.


Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

I just installed Squeak on Ubuntu Karmic.
I'd like to find a way of making web pages made of various graphics.
Say I get wild with my niece one afternoon and we draw and make animations with Squeak, and family picture albums and all kinds of things graphic that do things (and that fit into a web page). Apparently I can save this as a "project". (By the way, I have no idea where my doodles ended up on my Linux, still looking for them.

How do I save those projects and can I insert them into a web page (and of course, keep the animations and such).
I'd be very thankful to get an idea of whether this is at all possible.
Thank you very much in advance,


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