[Newbies] Inserting graphics made with Squeak into a web page?

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sun Apr 25 08:00:06 UTC 2010

Hi Pascale,

PJ> "project". (By the way, I have no idea where my doodles ended up on my
PJ> Linux, still looking for them.

search for pr files in your file system. Dunno about Linux, in Windows
I get a folder selector when I select "Save project on file". So maybe
you never saved any project and they all live in your squeak image.

PJ> How do I save those projects and can I insert them into a web page (and of
PJ> course, keep the animations and such).
PJ> I'd be very thankful to get an idea of whether this is at all possible.

Squeak is available as a web browser plugin. To see how this all works
look at Etoys at www.squeakland.org .  Select "Tutorials" "Interactive
demos" and then any demo. This will download the etoys VM and image on
your computer and start Etoys a plugin in your browser.

Nearly nobody (except Squeakers) have it but then Squeak runs inside
the browser. Etoys is Squeak based and if it weren't for the many
recent changes in Squeak I'd say vou just have to replace the Etoys
image and changes with your image and changes files.

OTOH what you are doing looks like it also could be done in Etoys. And
you can "jailbreak" Etoys to have the full Squeak environment.



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