[Newbies] ProcessWrapper

pascal.vollmer at nexgo.de pascal.vollmer at nexgo.de
Tue Apr 27 06:16:39 UTC 2010

A question about ProcessWrapper. I use ProcessWrapper to execute a Windows-application from Squeak. Everything is fine and reproducible as far as I activate this message sequence in the Workspace:

ProcessWrapper new useStdout;  
startWithShellCommand: 'path_to_executable\executable.exe';  
waitForExitFor: 5000;  

As soon as I integrate the same stuff in a method, the image crashes. When I debug the situation I see that the crash occurs while performing ProcessWrapper>>upToEnd. Any clue what could be the problem here? Or how to investigate further? 

Kind regards,

Pascal Vollmer
Email: pascal.vollmer at ieee.org

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