[Newbies] Re: Is there a reason why this RadioButton group doesn't ever call the callback?

Andy Burnett andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com
Wed Apr 28 01:17:25 UTC 2010

John McKeon wrote:

Hey Andy
I have a radio group defined like this (using your code):

| group |
html form:
html radioGroup [ :rg |
rg radioButton
selected: self contact isMale;
callback: [self halt];
                        with: [html text:'male'].
                rg radioButton...etc
Hope that helps

Thanks John,
That does fix part of the problem. Initially the radio buttons weren't
actually in concert - the code in the Seaside book wasn't producing
'name="something"' code.  I wonder whether that code would ever work?

Anyway, unfortunately, the callbacks are still not working. It is very odd.
 The form renders properly, it is just that the callbacks never fire.  The
code below shows two version - radio button and select statement. The select
version works perfectly.  I would be really interested to know how to go
about debugging this.


html form:
html radioGroup: [ :rg |
rg radioButton
selected: self contact isMale;
callback: [self contact beMale];
                        with: [html text:'male'].
rg radioButton
selected: self contact isFemale;
callback: [self contact beFemale];
                        with: [html text:'female'].

html select
list: #(#Male #Female);
selected: self contact gender;
callback: [:value| (value=#Male) ifTrue:[self contact beMale] ifFalse:[self
contact beFemale]].
html submitButton on: #save of:self.

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