[Newbies] Keyboard shortcuts in squeak (pharo)

magique poter sebovick at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 21:09:19 UTC 2010


Normaly, I use vim or emacs and find usefull to not use the mouse when I code.
I did not find any reference to the shortcuts used to manage windows, class
browther ect, in Pharo.
It should exist, some of them are show when I right clic (save, doit,
printit...), but google did not help me to find more.

Some shortcuts that I will find very usefull migth permit:
- to change the window focus (change windows)
- move between the parts of the class browser (packages, classes[instaces, ?,
class, hierarchy, variables...], categories, methods, edition),
- close tools, open tools (class browser, transcript, workspace...)

There maybe exist an alternative class browser/editor that will permit such

Shortly, does anyone have the same horror of rats than me :), and what
solutions have you found?

Thanks in advance.


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