[Newbies] Re: Re-newbie

Aidan Gauland aidalgol at no8wireless.co.nz
Thu Dec 30 19:20:48 UTC 2010

Sean P. DeNigris <sean <at> clipperadams.com> writes:
> Aidan Gauland-2 wrote:
> > What about instances?  From what you said, I'm guessing that they are
> > stored in the image file.
> That's right.  If you're just getting reacquainted with Squeak, you may find
> it valuable to skim the excellent (and free) Squeak By Example, which says:
> > 3. The current system image is a snapshot of a running Squeak system,
> > frozen in time. It consists of two files: an .image file, which contains
> > the state of all of the objects in the system (including classes and
> > methods, since they are objects too), and a .changes file, which contains
> > a log of all of the changes to the source code of the system.

I, actually, have read Squeak By Example.  I must have forgotten this
bit on the image and changes files.

Thanks for refreshing my memory,

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