[Newbies] Using same class names

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 1 06:52:00 UTC 2010

Hi lanas,

Hmmm. Hyphens wont work they will be interpreted as subtraction messages.
Underscores won't work in squeak either. They have historically been used as assignment characters. (Old story. In an ancient characterset they rendered as back arrows. Some oldtimes loved that and no ones gotten them to update. Pharo has made a point to ween themselves but not yet squeak.)

So ALAbstractFactoryA and ALAbstractFactoryB would be good names for experimental classes. Then copy the winning experiment to your main class name. 

Do you mean for these abstract classes to have subclasses? That could have difficulties.

Yours in service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace

--- On Sun, 1/31/10, lanas <lanas at securenet.net> wrote:

> From: lanas <lanas at securenet.net>
> Subject: [Newbies] Using same class names
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> Date: Sunday, January 31, 2010, 7:39 PM
> Hello all,
>  Is there a way to have several classes with the same names
> and having
> their scope limited to the current selected category
> ?  Eg.  I'd like to
> experiment with the Abstract factory pattern and thus I
> would like to
> make several tests, each in a category, like:
> AL-AbstractFactory-1
> AL-AbstractFactory-2
> ... and so on.  Each one is a variation and
> experiment. So I'd like to
> keep the same class names but Squeak warns me that the
> CarPartFactory
> I'm trying to create in AL-AbstractFactory-2 already exists
> in
> AL-AbstractFactory-1.  Do I have to file the category
> out, remove it,
> create a new test, file out that second test, remove it,
> then file in
> the first test and such ?  
> In other words, is there a way to quickly switch from one
> experiment
> to the other when each of these experiments would use the
> same class
> names and probably many of the same method names ?
> By the way, in the System Browser, the row of buttons
> labeled browse,
> senders, implementors, version, inheritance and such has
> somehow disappeared.  Any new System Browser does not
> have that row of
> buttons anymore.  Is there a way to bring them back
> short of reverting
> to the original image.  This is Squeak 3.10.2.
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Al
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