[Newbies] App documentation

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Mon Feb 8 00:31:36 UTC 2010

Hello all,

  If I look at what I am used to, the Open Source projects, most
of these projects have at least some basic documentation on usage.
Some have detailed user documentation with examples.

  Does it work the same with applications found inside Squeak ?  For
instance, is there a web site for the Monticello packager that has
documentation, supportin the form of a mailing list, downloads and such
?  Same with the OB browser ?

I'm now using the Squeak Dev image which I find very nice.  I've tried
Pharo but so far the fonts cannot be adjusted and the default fonts are
just too ugly to make it it nice to spend time with.  Qith the Squeak
Dev (and Squeak proper) the first thing I do is put most of fonts to a
nice Bitstream Vera Sans 12 points normal that gives a solid look and

So now I have a nice environment and there are those apps which
seemingly can do quite a few things.  is the only documentation on how
to use them in a book such as the recent Squeak/Pharo or do these apps
have their own doc and support web sites ?  The apps themselves do not
have a 'help' or 'about' method to find out.

OK, I've found the Monticello:


Is there a list of the web sites behind the major apps found in
Squeak ?


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