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lanas lanas at securenet.net
Mon Feb 8 12:55:09 UTC 2010

Le Dimanche, 7 Février 2010 20:21:41 -0800 (PST),
Jerome Peace <peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com> a écrit :

>> Is there a list of the web sites behind the major apps
>> found in Squeak ?

(asked for documentation purposes, as in Open Source projects)

> Theres Stef's collection of free books:
> http://stephane.ducasse.free.fr/FreeBooks.html
> will have some. 

Stépane's free books are mostly about Smalltalk in general.  If I want
to know about the following option in OB Browser (Squeak Dev image):

open environment -> inverse

Then either I ask and perhaps someone  will answer (and proceed like
this for all options ! :-) or ...

> Mostly its hide and seek ye be playing if its documentation your
> looking for. 

... I try to figure it out.  Since I'm far to know all details and
principles involved in developing in a true object oriented environment
using a true object oriented language, I might spend some time there on
that single option finding about its purpose in life.

So I was wondering if each of the apps (or at least many) in Squeak
have their own web site where their developers would put up-front
documentation about what their apps are doing.  As in most if not all
Open Source apps.

I think it would be great to have full documentation on the
possibilities that the apps in Squeak offer, on a per-app basis.  And
developers who spent so much time working on the apps in the first
place could put out some simple ASCII text files that describes the
options available and their purpose.  reading about what an app can do
from the developers temsleves also serves as getting *detailed* insight
into the OO development in Smalltalk/Squeak.

This being said, the two recent books (Squeak and Pharo) are quite good
compared so far but their aim is not to cover the development apps in
all details like a user documentation for each app would do.



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