[Newbies] {CONTEST] Teach more fly to Batmorph

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Feb 19 10:06:46 UTC 2010

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'From PharoCore1.0rc1 of 19 October 2009 [Latest update: #10502] on 19 February 2010 at 8:01:06 am'!

!Morph class methodsFor: 'filein/out' stamp: 'stephane.ducasse 3/13/2009 17:53'!
fromFileName: fullName 
	"Reconstitute a Morph from the file, presumed to be represent a Morph
	saved via the SmartRefStream mechanism, and open it in an
	appropriate Morphic world"
	| aFileStream morphOrList |
	aFileStream := (MultiByteBinaryOrTextStream with: (FileStream readOnlyFileNamed: fullName) binary contentsOfEntireFile) binary reset.
	morphOrList := aFileStream fileInObjectAndCode.
	morphOrList := self postLoad.
	ActiveWorld addMorphsAndModel: morphOrList! !

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