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>DUFOUR, Stephan (ext.) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have several Urls, each giving me a piece of information.
>> I want to write some code that gathers these pieces of information and
>> make a display of the whole situation.
>> The principle is: I send a request to one URL then parse the result and
>> make a new request to another URL using the parsed result.
>> I need some code that somehow mimic a human behaviour: it should
>>         1) go to a URL and get the content (easy part)
>>         2) go to a URL and retrieve some session ID then make a more
>> elaborated request (POST, GET, or even trigger some Javascript)
>I have written such a "robot" for a customer, and I need to update it in
>the coming days, I will see if I can publish the reusable part of it.
>regards, G–ran

I am very interested in this.
Go G–ran!

In my case I wish to start with some numbers parsed from the first url, use each of them to create a search at a second pre-known url, then operate on the results of the search to perhaps figure out if there is a pdf download link available.

Ken G. Brown

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