[Newbies] What is the protocol for updating someone else's code?

Andy Burnett andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com
Mon Jun 7 17:56:45 UTC 2010

I downloaded Avi Bryant's CSV Parser and found that it didn't work properly
with Pharo.  After a bit of digging around I managed to fix it. Now I am a
bit stuck. I would like to submit it back to Squeaksource, but I don't
really know what the protocol is.  Should I:

   1. Put it back in the same monticello repository - would I have write
   access by default? - as an update
   2. Do I create my own repo, in which case how do I tell other people
   where to find it - I really want to avoid creating yet more packages for
   people to search through.
   3. Do I email Avi and give him the update
   4. Some other option

I think the problem is slightly more complicated because I am using Pharo
1.1. I don't know whether my fixes are necessary for Squeak, or Pharo 1.0.

What is the recommended approach?

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