[Newbies] MVC programs don't work in Squeak 4.1

David Burton ncdave4life at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 18:37:18 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 10:36 AM, John McKeon <p3anoman at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 9:34 AM, David Burton <ncdave4life at gmail.com> wrote:
>> First, please forgive me if this is a F.A.Q., but I can't seem to find any search
>> facility for this email list.  (Is there one?  Where??)
> Try http://forum.world.st Scroll down to Squeak to see a link to the beginners list. Quite searchable.

Thank you, John!   That's a great resource!!

> Dave,
> Did you try running your code in the MVCProject?
> ScheduledControllers isn't a class but a Smalltalk "global" variable. In the normal squeak world its value is nil,
> but when you enter an MVCProject it gets populated with a ControlManager object which does respond to
> scheduleActive: so it just might work!
> John

Yes, I tried (after I eventually found out about it, via a Google
search).  Unfortunately, the MVCProject mode
seems massively, hopelessly broken.  Literally NOTHING works in there.
 The screens don't paint right,
and you can't even try to fileIn a program without it freezing.

Thanks again for the forum.world.st link!  Searching there, it appears
that the consensus is that Squeak is
not usable for MVC programs.

This message http://forum.world.st/forum/PostLink.jtp?post=113266 says:

  If you want your user interface to actually look respectable, then
these are your options:
  * Go back to VisualWorks.
  * Try Pharo where a lot of UI work has been done.
  * Try Seaside for web-based applications.
  * Use WxSqueak or GtkSqueak which use native widgets. I've found
WxSqueak to work okay and look
     quite nice, although you'll be working with old and experimental software.

In this thread http://forum.world.st/MVC-freezes-tp109036p109036.html
many people say Squeak 3.9 is
hopelessly buggy for MVC.

>From this 2007 thread
http://forum.world.st/forum/PostLink.jtp?post=110371 it appears that
no Squeak
later than 3.8.1 is suitable for MVC.

So, I guess it's bye-bye Squeak.  Does anyone have any opinions about
the other Smalltalks out there?

I just visited the Cincom web site, and they don't even tell you what
VisualWorks costs.  Usually, that
means "if you have to ask, you can't afford it."  But, in case that
assumption is wrong, I've sent 'em an
email asking for their prices and license terms.

This page http://www.pharo-project.org/pharo-download/release-1-0 says
that Pharo supports only
Morphic, not MVC.

What about GNU Smalltalk?  Is it good for MVC?

Or is there something else I should use?


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