[Newbies] Creating a System Window containing a Morph and some buttons

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On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 8:37 AM, Jeff G <jgon.in.canada at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> So I am working on porting over a small simulation I wrote for fun in java
> to squeak, and I am actually stuck at a point before I can get any real work
> done.  The basics of the user interface I would like to offer consist of a
> SystemWindow containing a custom morph that will handle all of the drawing
> and updating of the simulation, and some buttons for altering the parameters
> of the simulation.  The morph would take up the largest portion of the
> screen, say 3/4.
> I have been wrestling with SystemWindow and Toolbuilder for the last little
> while and I feel like I must be overlooking something easy to get started
> with.  If I create a system window and add a placeholder morph to it, with a
> frame of (0 at 0 corner: 0.5 at 1) the window becomes blue as it takes on the
> color of the morph I added and the morph itself becomes white.  I would like
> the morph to retain its color when I add it to the window, and not have the
> window alter its own color either.
> Second, if I were to add to morphs side by side, one with a frame of (0 at 0corner: 0.5 at 1)
> and the other with (0.5 at 0 corner: 1 at 1), then I will have a splitter in
> between the morphs and any attempt to drag this splitter results in a
> debugger popping up.
> I have been attempting to learn Toolbuilder, but it seems very focused on
> just that, tools, and I didn't see an appropriate spec for adding just a
> custom subclass of morph.  I may have overlooked something easy here to do
> so, and so my spec would consist of a pluggableWindow, with its children
> being a pluggablePanelSpec with pluggableButtons as its children, and some
> other spec representing the custom morph as the second child of the
> windowSpec.
> Any help or pointers towards creating a basic system window with a morph,
> or a couple of morphs in it, respecting colors and layouts, and being
> resized with the splitters would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you very much for your time,


Take a look at:
- http://pharocasts.blogspot.com/search/label/gui
- http://book.pharo-project.org/book/GUI/PolymorphTutorial/Layout/
- http://book.pharo-project.org/book/GUI/TypicalPolymorphApplication


Laurent Laffont


>  Jeff G!
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