[Newbies] Collaboration with Squeak 2.8

Clinton Blackmore clinton.blackmore at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 02:59:21 UTC 2010

Greetings again.

I'm hacking on Scratch, which is based on MIT Squeak, which is based on
Squeak 2.8.  I want to collaborate with others on a project.

Monticello appears to require Squeak 3.1 or later.  Is there a way for me to
upgrade an image?

If not, is there a sensible way to use a revision control system?

It appears to me that:

1) collaborators could each create change sets, and e-mail them to each
other, for every one to file in (which sounds like it would be confusing;
surely I am not understanding something)


2) every class in the code could be filed out into a directory, standard
version control systems could be used, and then every class could be filed
back in (which likewise seems daunting).

What sort of workflows would you recommend?

Clinton Blackmore
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