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2010/3/24 Michael Delache <vladmanchev at gmail.com>

> Hi,
>   I tried to display a picture (located in my computer) in a web
> application using a 'html image' block but it didn't worked. I tried the
> same code with a picture located on a web server and it worked. What is the
> difference between the two situations?

html image display an image that is available through an internet location.
ie. the file must be served by a webserver like Apache.

Seaside (I guess this is what you use) cannot by default do that (serve
static content).

> How could I get what I want?

several options

1)configure Kom so that it serves static content (Kom or Swazoo who are in
squeak the web servers used in conjoontion with seaside)
2)put your file online wherever you want and then add the url to htm image
3)you can load an image into a method so that seaside can serve it but this
is putting some load on the smalltalk image (FileLibrary lib)
4) use Apache to serve static content

solution 2 is probably the easier one.
Anyway, have a look there:



> Thanks
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