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Hi Gary,

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> Subject: [Newbies] Best list box morph
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> Date: Friday, March 26, 2010, 6:42 AM
> I am developing techniques for
> building useful little apps from morphic
> building blocks, typically with a BookMorph or StackMorph
> as the
> foundation, and with a minimum of old fashioned programing.
> My goal is
> to teach this to high school students. One basic structure
> I want is a
> browser, like our System Browser. Basically a list box on
> the left and
> one or more text fields to the right; clicking on an entry
> in the list
> box displays the corresponding data. 
> So far I have not found a useful list box morph. The
> EToyHierarchicalText morph comes close, but entry editing
> is too
> minimal. The LazyListMorph nevers appears. Is there a
> preferred or
> typical way this is done?

Typically everything in squeak is atypical.

>From your description it sounds like you are trying to mimic what a pdf reader does (or what a web page does) with a index table of contents in the left frame and the file contents or page in the right frame. Is that correct?

Assuming you could program it could you mock up the visuals for a page without worring about how it would work dynamically?

The other interesting thing to do is look at a simple browser and see how it works. Usually there is a window which has a model. Inside the window there are components such as pluggalbe lists and pluggable texts holders etc. Something, probably the model suggest how to layout the frames in the window. The various components communicate with each other by announcing changes and listening for update messages.


Yours in service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace

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