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Winter Laite winterlaite at comcast.net
Mon May 3 12:34:59 UTC 2010

Bert, thank you for responding.
I am using Windows XP SP3.
I downloaded the 4.1 release, Windows installer. 
I don't know what VM I am using or how to look for it. The .exe file is Squeak4.0.2.exe.

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On 03.05.2010, at 02:15, Winter Laite wrote:
Hello, I am an utter beginner at Squeak and just had an extremely frustrating experience with 4.1.
I have been going through the first few pages of "Squeak by Example". When I got to the "shout" method, I was unable to get any farther, because I cannot type an up arrow in 4.1.
By up arrow I mean '?'.
It works fine in 3.9 by typing a '^'.
What gives?
Thanks in advance.

Which operating system and which VM version do you use?

- Bert -
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