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I can't get angry with an explanation that is no explanation. Just smile :-)

And before you get mad, just let me tell you that I love Smalltalk too. But 
loving someone should not make us blind if that hurts the loved one? Huh?

> O RLY? ;)
I prefer Smalltalk when expressing my ideas/programming to Ada, Simula, 
Basic (yes I am old) Pascal, EriPascal, Cobol (Well, Cobol when used for 
what it was intended for is not to bad really), Fortran, C, assembler, ETC,
and of course Java. Have tried to stay away from C++ though.  I have even 
developed a language and interpreter myself used for testing mobile phones.

And so on.

Your reaction reminds me of a manager I once worked under - Oh yes we had 
this great programmer. Really bright! However, when he changed work we had 
to throw away his code though
and start from scracth because nobody could understand his code. . . But he 
was bright my manager said.
Really I say?

Documentation is important.

Sun knows what they are doing.

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Am 11.05.2010 um 15:05 schrieb Kommentaren:
> I have worked for several decades with java

O RLY? ;)

> Java has been a great success even though it came later than Smalltalk. 
> One key question is - why?

Money, and catering to average managers of mediocre programmers. (And before 
you get too upset: I did not say everyone and everything related to Java is 
bad, but simply that targeting that crowd made Java so successful)

- Bert -

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