[Newbies] How can make a subclass WITH the method to initialize it through the Halo

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue May 25 13:18:40 UTC 2010

On 25.05.2010, at 06:56, Frans van Dunné wrote:
> Dear all,
> I've been searching and searching without any luck. What I want to do is the following:
> 1. Create a morph using the tools available in the flaps. Set the size, colour etc.
> 2. Then create a MyNewSubclass of that morph (I can do this using the red button of the halo)
> 3. Then pass on the MyMethod to initialize MyNewSubclass to look exaclty as what I have edited using the tools on screen.
> That last step I cannot find.

I don't think there is an automated way to do that. For simple cases it would be quite possible to generate such a method, though in general it might be quite hard (e.g., think about embedded morphs in your own morph etc.).

> I have tried inspecting and copying the list of variables, but that takes a lot of editing before it is usable.
> And I am sure this is possible, otherwise, why offer the tools?

To make interactive developing a little more pleasurable - even if we never achieve perfection :)

- Bert -

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