[Newbies] How can make a subclass WITH the method to initialize it through the Halo

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Tue May 25 15:24:54 UTC 2010

Bert wrote:

> It's in the debug submenu.

Head slap!  I don't know how I missed Morph >> #subclassMorph

Frans, As you described, the subclass is merely that.  When you create
it, all of its behaviour is the responsibility of its parent class.
It does not inherit or copy anything from the concrete morph object
you drew, but only its class.

>> I have tried inspecting and copying the list of variables, but that takes a lot of editing before it is usable.
>> And I am sure this is possible, otherwise, why offer the tools?
> To make interactive developing a little more pleasurable - even if we never achieve perfection :)

I agree with Bert.  To be more concrete, John Maloney wrote on page 2
of the original Morphic documentation: "One could imagine constructing
this kind of tool
graphically by dragging and dropping components from
a library and, indeed, morphic was designed with that in
mind, but the environmental support needed for this
style of tool construction is currently incomplete."

I believe a short answer to your question, Frans, is: it is still incomplete.

I wonder if the barriers to creating an "interface builder" for
morphic (or tweak) are technical, or a matter of priorities.


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